About Us

After years providing exceptional mosquito control service to thousands of customers through our sister company, Mr. Mister Mosquito Control, our customers often inquired if we could deliver the same level of quality in standard pest control. Eventually we got the hint, and with diligent planning and development, we were able to assemble the accomplished team that is now, People’s Pest Control. Building on our successful industry experience, People’s Pest Control looks forward to keeping your home and business pest free.


The People’s Way

A completely transparent and logical approach to pest removal. We figured out, that in addition to pests we could also remove long service agreements, surprise add-on costs, and weak customer service. People’s Pest Control is simply the pest control of quarterly, all-inclusive exterminator services with ironclad customer satisfaction. Why it’s never been done this way before, is still a mystery.

Fair and transparent pricing.

With us, pricing is easy. We have pricing tiers that are based on the size of your home, not how much we can squeeze out of you.

No long term contracts.

You are going to be so happy you won’t want to leave.

No extra fees for the first treatment.

All treatments are the same price.

People’s Pest Control
4016 Flowers Road, Suite 455-B
Atlanta, GA 30360
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