Bed Bug Control is NOT a DIY Job…Here’s Why

There’s a reason why bed bug control is not a job for the do-it-yourself’er. 

While some smaller pest issues — like a black ant problem or housefly invasion — might call for a more DIY approach to pest control, bed bugs are NOT the type of pest to mess around with. In other words, if you’re not a professional, you should never attempt to control these parasitic insects alone. Why?

The answer is simple: bed bugs never present a contained infestation, and if left untreated (or treated improperly) a population can grow to an overwhelming size. Only an experienced bed bug control expert has the tools, treatments and knowledge necessary to effectively tackle an infestation.

This means you should treat your local pest control company like 911 and call them immediately if you should ever suspect a bed bug infestation in your home or business. Now, you might be wondering “Just how would an average person identify a bed bug problem?” Well, you can start by figuring out what, exactly, a bed bug is.

Examining The Bed Bug

Stealthy and small, bed bugs are a source of great worry and stress for many homeowners and businesses alike; and the worst part? They’re rapidly on the rise in the United States.

As a matter of fact — according to the National Pest Management Association — one in every five Americans have either had bed bugs in their home or know someone who has experienced bed bugs in their own homes or while on vacation in a hotel.

For hospitality businesses, all it takes is just a few bed bugs to utterly destroy a reputation that took years to build for their brand. What’s worse, a bed bug infestation can spread in addition to causing significant loss of income due to a decrease in room rentals and could even lead to lawsuits.

Bed bugs cause both physical and psychological harm by leaving itchy bites and spreading panic. This could be even worse for businesses, as bed bugs can absolutely cripple an establishment’s reputation and result in an extreme downturn in revenue.

Thankfully, in the chance of a bed bug infestation in North Georgia, People’s Pest Control is just a call away. We come fully armed with a wide range of bed bug solutions and are proud to offer all of our customers (residential and commercial) the absolute latest advances in bed bug treatments.


Bed Bug Control Process


A typical bed bug treatment from People’s Pest Control begins with an inspection of the property itself. Our expert technicians are trained to accurately identify bed bugs from pests that are often confused with bed bugs — such as stink bugs or bat bugs. We will also use other methods in order to effectively track down the source of the infestation.


After the inspection  has been fully completed, your People’s Pest Control professional will present to you the bed bug treatment options available and also recommend the ideal solution to solve your unique bed bug situation.

Different treatment options may be recommended and are dependent on a range of factors, including the type of property (residential or commercial), size of the infestation and the customer’s preferences for non-chemical treatment. Once a solution has been decided on, the treatment will be carried out by a licensed People’s Pest Control professional on an agreed upon date.

Follow Up

After the initial treatment has been applied, your People’s Pest Control professional will keep in contact with you to schedule a follow up inspection in order to determine if any additional treatments are warranted.

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Residential Bed Bug Control

Given the fact that bed bugs have made an enormous resurgence in the United States, infestations have increasingly become more common for residential homes. As you may, or may not know, a bed bug infestation in a home is usually the result of a recent vacation or business trip; the bed bugs are brought in when travelers (unknowingly) transport the parasitic pests into their residence inside their luggage.

Bed bugs can also infest homes whenever rented or second-hand furniture is brought into your home. This is why homeowners should always be wary of this type of furniture and do their due diligence to closely inspect any furniture they’re considering to bring inside their home for bed bugs prior to purchasing.

If you do happen to have a bed bug infestation in your home, your North Georgia pest control expert will thoroughly inspect your property and present you with the best solutions for your residence.

People’s Pest Control offers various non-chemical and low-chemical bed bug treatments along with traditional bed bug solutions.  Our experts can also advise North Georgia homeowners on certain steps they can take to prevent bed bug problems from ever occurring in the future.

Sleepless Night: The anxiety a bed bug infestation can cause leads to many sleepless nights.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

It’s no surprise, a bed bug infestation can have devastating consequences for any commercial property,  affecting both the customer experience and the business’s bottom line.

Just some of the potential risks bed bugs pose for businesses, include:

  • – Customer complaints
  • – Severe damage to your reputation and brand
  • – Possible legal proceedings from multiple customers
  • – Significant loss of revenue

People’s Pest Control ensures that your facility is entirely free of any bed bugs. We utilize proactive and proven methods, including heat treatments, which will eliminate bed bugs at all life cycle stages. The best part? More times than not, our treatments will take effect in as little as 24 hours.

If, for any reason, you suspect your business may be experiencing a bed bug infestation, we strongly recommend contacting your local pest control company immediately to set up an inspection.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

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Preventing a bed bug infestation in your home starts by ensuring you’re not bring bed bugs back to your residence after traveling and staying overnight at a hotel.

While staying at a hotel, be sure to thoroughly inspect for bed bugs BEFORE you unpack any luggage. While bed bugs are most commonly found behind the headboard of a bed, they can also be seen on any part of the bed as well as on any other furniture in the hotel room.

If you do notice something suspicious make sure to immediately notify hotel staff and ask to switch rooms as an extra precaution. Ensure you’re not moved into a room directly underneath, or adjacent to your previous room, as bed bugs are notorious for easily spreading into rooms closeby.

To further help prevent the return of bed bugs,  opt for a mattress and box-spring encasement, which will make it impossible for bed bugs to get through and start and initiate another infestation. Some encasements can also guard against dust mites and mold.

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You should NEVER place luggage on the bed, on or near your sleeping area or any upholstered items; bed bugs love soft, carpeted areas. Instead, you should place luggage only on luggage racks, on desks, dressers and even in bathtubs as bed bugs have extreme difficulty when it comes to walking on polished surfaces.

Additionally, you should always inspect your luggage while repacking. This means thoroughly check your clothes and the inside of your luggage (including any/all zipped compartments) for signs of these pests in order to avoid transporting them to your home.

Finally, once you return home, you should immediately wash your clothes. If you find bed bugs it’s highly recommended that you either place belongings in the freezer or laundering in hot, soapy water. Follow this up by drying your clothes on the highest setting for heat.

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