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Residents of Buckhead, Georgia, know that a beautiful home in Buckhead deserves an equally excellent pest control solution. So let People’s Pest Control protect your home.

People’s Pest Control quarterly service will keep your home bug and pest free. There’s no extra fee for your first service and no long-term contract, so you can start today risk-free. We know that if you try us you’ll love us. So contact People’s Pest Control now for your free quote. Our fair and transparent pricing is simple. We have 4 pricing tiers that are based on the size of your home, not how much we can squeeze out of you.

Pest Control Information for Buckhead

The beautiful homes and lush tree canopy of Buckhead, GA, make it especially prone to bugs and pests that like to make their home in yours.

Some of the most common bugs to make it into homes are spiders. Their presence is easily noticeable by their webs. But while it’s easy to wipe away webs, killing the spiders that make them can be more difficult. Their small size and tendency to hide in dark, sheltered places make it almost impossible to tell if a do-it -yourself extermination effort was successful.

There are few common spiders more notorious than the brown recluse. While the brown recluse is not as widespread as its notoriety, it is endemic in Georgia and Buckhead specifically.

Identifying a Brown Recluse

A brown recluse can be identified by a particular marking on it’s thorax that looks like a violin. The neck of the violin points away from the eyes and toward the abdomen. For this reason it is sometimes called a “fiddle-back” spider. The abdomen and legs are completely free of stripes and markings. The whole spider can vary from dull light yellow to a darker brown color. The whole spider, including legs, is usually about the size of a quarter.

Unlike its dangerous reputation, a brown recluse bite is usually not damaging. In most cases, the bite doesn’t show any symptoms until hours after the bite took place. The bite will become red and inflamed and then the redness and inflammation will slowly dissipate on their own. In some rare cases there can be tissue damage, though this is very uncommon. Of course, if you ever have any medical concerns, seek medical help immediately.

Brown Recluse Infestation

Often the first sign of a brown recluse infestation is sitings of the spiders themselves. Their webs will tend to look random or chaotic and be built kow down, close to the ground.

The most important thing you can do in case of an infestation is call a professional. People’s Pest Control will come to your home and exterminate the spiders. Best of all, there’s no extra-fee for the first service; every treatment costs the same. The technician from People’s Pest Control will also help set up a plan to keep brown recluses and other pests out of your home for good.

Buckhead knows that People’s Pest Control is the place to go for spiders, roaches, bed bugs, mice, rats, moths, and many other pests. In fact, unlike our competitors, we cover 99% of common pests. So don’t wait to get your free quote. It’s super simple with our fair and transparent pricing: Just 4 pricing tiers based on the size of your house, with no hidden fees.

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