Commercial Pest Control for Businesses

If you own or run a business, you have a lot on your plate. You have to care for employees, keep track of finances, make sure that vendors, clients, and customers are all happy. It may vary from business to business, but one thing that no one wants to worry about is pests. Of all the little things that bug you, bugs shouldn’t be one of them. Of course, if you don’t have a plan, infestations can catch you off guard. That’s why commercial pest control for businesses is so important. As a business owner, you know the value of being proactive. Don’t let pests beat you and your business. Get out ahead and stop an infestation before it starts.

Commercial Pest Control for Businesses [infographic]

Why Commercial Pest Control

If you own a home, or even if you’ve lived in an apartment, you probably have had some experience with pest control. You may have had to call an exterminator for a bad infestation. Whether it’s ants, roaches, or rodents, when your home is being invaded, any smart homeowner knows to reach for the phone. Getting an exterminator in before the problem gets worse is the most responsible thing you can do.

If you are lucky, you may also have experience with ongoing pest control services. A technician comes to your home on a regular basis to check for pests and bugs and maybe do a little preventative spraying. It’s a smart way to stay ahead of the game and keep problems away before they even start.

Like many aspects of running a business, pest control for businesses is not exactly the same as pest control at home. When you run a business, you may be working with a much larger area than your house. Commercial pest control covers factories, warehouses, large office buildings, even businesses with multiple locations. And the areas you need to keep clean are often not as nicely kept as your pristine home. If you are running a factory or warehouse, simple cement floors and minimal insulation mean you may not be as completely sealed as a house. Even a comfortable office building can have many more places for pests to hide, like large basements, equipment rooms, and storage areas.

So regular residential pest control is not sufficient if you are running a business. Even a few bugs or pests are unacceptable in a work environment. And you need to secure some pretty unusual types of buildings. That’s why working with a company that specializes in commercial pest control, like People’s Pest Control, is so important.

Commercial Pest Control Vs. Residential Pest Control

There are several factors that make commercial pest control different from standard residential pest control. The first factor is simply scale. If you are securing a business from pests and bugs, you are probably trying to keep a much larger area than an average house pest free. A business could have a single large space, a multi-story office building, or multiple offices in different locations. In any case, the area being inspected and treated is much greater than in your average residential package. You will need a pest control expert or experts who are fast, thorough, and skilled at working in commercial environments.

A second factor to consider is the type of area you have to treat. Most business spaces are different from residential spaces, though the amount of difference can vary. In an office building, you may have heated, carpeted rooms just like in a house. But any office building will also include spaces unlike any in a home. Large crawl spaces, equipment rooms, and storage areas are havens for pests. Spaces inside drop ceilings can also harbor unwanted visitors. Also, many office buildings are nearly deserted at night, providing pests with the perfect opportunity to move around, scavenge for food, and reproduce. The same approach that works in a residential home may be inadequate in a commercial office.

Other businesses will have more industrial spaces. These may include warehouses and factories. Both types of spaces include wide open areas filled with items of unique shape and size. These provide wonderful hiding and nesting areas for pests, endangering you and your employees. Pests such as rodents, hornets, and spiders can take up residence in industrial machines that are not in use for a while. Sensitive equipment and merchandise may be especially susceptible by damage from pests and bugs.

Special Attention to Detail

In a residential setting, some amount of bugs may be expected and tolerated. The occasional spider in a corner or waterbug in a bathroom is not too bothersome. A large scale infestation will definitely warrant professional intervention. But a few spiders may be treated with a simple bug spray you keep under your sink.

In a commercial setting, even a single bug can be problematic. This is especially true of retail spaces or offices that are rented out to third parties. A simple spider web in a corner or a doorway can give the impression that a location is not well cared for or even neglected. Any amount of pests can tarnish a business’ reputation. If your business includes storage or any form of food prep, pests may also be a violation of health and safety codes. A poor health inspection due to the presence of pests can be a real problem for clients who expect a clean, well run business.

To maintain a reputation for cleanliness, a business needs to be proactive with its pest control. Inspection can be more frequent than in a residence. Attention to detail also becomes especially important. A commercial pest control specialist needs to be trained in how to inspect a business. They need to know where to look and how to cover a large area while maintaining sharp attention to detail.

Industrial Settings

Businesses that exist in industrial settings can pose a particular problem for pest control. In a residential setting, homes are generally well insulated and isolated form the outdoors. But in an industrial setting, such as a warehouse or factory, there may be less attention to forming a barrier between indoors and outdoors. These spaces lack the carpeting and insulation of a residence. This creates a space that is more prone to pests than a well kept home.

Industrial equipment can also provide an ideal hiding place for pests. Equipment that is not moved for some time can host a variety of bugs and pests. Similarly, stored items in a warehouse can provide easy shelter for all types of pests. If items in storage are not regularly moved around, the long term shelter they provide can become a host to many invasive and unwanted critters.

Large industrial spaces that are not climate controlled to the same extent as a residence can also pose an unusual risk. Moist, cool air can attract certain bugs that have a harder time finding shelter in residences. On the other hand, warm summer months may bring other pest and bugs. Warm, moist air can be an ideal home for many types of insects, including different species of cockroaches.

Hiring Commercial Control Specialists

To deal with all the unique challenges of commercial pest control for business, it is best to turn to a pest control company that is trained for specifically this situation. When you contact the specialists at People’s Pest Control, you can be assured that you are dealing with experts experienced in commercial pest control. Our pricing is fair, competitive, and transparent. This allows you to incorporate regular pest control into your budget without surprises down the road. If enhanced care is required, a People’s Pest Control specialist will reach out to the client for details and approval.

So don’t wait until you find a problem. Be proactive and call our experienced and knowledgeable officers and representatives. By the time you see a problem, it may be much more serious than you imagined. Don’t wait for your free inspection and estimate. Contact People’s today!

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