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Decatur, Georgia, residents know that being part of the Atlanta Metro Area doesn’t mean you don’t have your own flair. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the arts, food, and festivals that thrive in Decatur. But some visitors are never welcome. Pests and bugs that visit your home or come to stay are just bad news, and People’s Pest Control is proud to serve as Decatur’s best option for ridding yourself of those pesky pests.

Like Decatur, People’s Pest Control is more than a little different than its peers. At People’s Pest Control, we saw what our competitors were doing and wondered why no one was doing it better. So we decided to do it ourselves. Unlike our competitors, People’s Pest Control won’t charge you extra for common pests. We cover 99% of common bugs and pests with our regular service, so there are no extra charges or hidden fees.

We don’t need tricky pricing. Our simple and transparent pricing is based on four tiers of pricing determined by the size of your home, not by how much we can squeeze out of you. And we know that our service is enough to keep our customers, so we will never ask you to sign a long-term contract. In fact, you can just ask our satisfied customers and they’ll tell you, People’s Pest Control is simply the best!


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Decatur, GA, is a hub for the the arts and the artistic. Decatur residents can enjoy food, music, and art every day of the year. In fact, Decatur has so much to offer that visitors come from all over to experience the city. But don’t let unwanted visitors like pests and bug ruin your experience.

One of the most common home invaders is the little black ant. (That’s really the name of a type of ant, not just a description.)

Little black ants are tiny. Workers are only 1.5mm long. But you rarely see one alone. Ants are social insects, and you will probably only know you have an ant infestation when you see a line of ants marching through your bathroom, kitchen, or food pantry.

Little black ants don’t usually live in your home. They are native to Mexico, the U.S., and southern Canada. Outside, they tend to live under rocks, in decaying wood, or in open, grassy areas. If you’ve ever turned over a rock to find hundreds of swarming little ants, you’ve probably found little black ants. Close to home, little black ants can form nests in small cracks in a cement foundation or a wall.


Why do I have ants?


Ants come into your home looking for food and water. Little black ants are omnivorous and feed on sweet foods, greasy food, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Even if you keep a clean house, ants may be able to find food. Just a few granules of sugar or some crumbs behind and appliance are enough to draw a trail of ants into your home.


What can I do about ants?


Getting rid of ants can be tricky. Most sprays or insecticides you can purchase at the store only kill the ants you can see. They don’t have any residual effect and won’t get to the ant colony. Keeping your home clean and storing food in airtight containers helps, but it’s hard to achieve 100% food security.

Your best bet is to call and expert like People’s Pest Control. We will assess you ant problem and determine the best course of action, including treatments that get to the colony and keep ants from coming back. Of course, keeping ants out is an ongoing battle. They’ve been around a lot longer than we have and they have us greatly outnumbered. But with quarterly visits from People’s Pest Control you can keep ants out.

Why wait for the ants to invade your home? Just request a free quote and we’ll be happy to come out and start keeping you bug free today.

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