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People’s Pest Control has been operating in Metro Atlanta for years, and we are proud to serve all of Dunwoody’s pest control needs. Whether it’s a Perimeter office or a home on a tree-lined street, People’s is here for you.

We started People’s Pest Control with a simple idea: be different. People’s offers completely transparent pricing with no hidden-fees. We know you’ll love us, so we don’t lock you into a long term contract. We also cover 99% of common pests. You won’t find that with our competitors. People’s Pest Control is simply the best option for pest control and extermination in Dunwoody. Just take a look at our testimonials.

Pest Control Info for Dunwoody Residents


There’s no shortage of beautiful places to live in Dunwoody, GA. But don’t let your home become a haven for bugs and pests.

It’s no fun sharing your home with an infestation. Whether it’s rats, mice, roaches, or ants, your home is meant to keep out pests. That’s why it can be so frustrating when they make your home their home and refuse to leave.

Luckily, People’s Pest Control covers more types of pests and bugs than the competition, including 99% of common pests.

Other pest control services leave out common and destructive species like mice and carpenter bees. At People’s Pest Control, mouse and carpenter bee inspection and control is included in every pest control plan, with no extra fee.

Carpenter Bees


Carpenter Bees are most active beginning in late-spring and throughout the summer. Although they feed exclusively on plant pollen and nectar, Carpenter bees can do plenty of damage to your home. They make their homes in any exposed wood, and that includes your house. They love dry and weathered wooden objects, including fences, untreated poles, wooden lawn furniture, your deck and any railings, and even underneath your eaves.They can bore into any unpainted wood, or wood that has old and thinning paint. Pine, fir, oak, redwood and cypress are especially attractive.

You can spot a carpenter bee “gallery” (the burrow it makes into your wood) by its distinct opening. Look for a perfectly round hole about a half-inch across that looks like it was made with a half-inch drill bit. You may also notice “frass”, which looks like fresh sawdust, on the ground below the burrow. That’s the part of your home they have chewed up and discarded.

Controlling Carpenter Bees


It’s important to get rid of carpenter bees whenever you find their tell-tale burrows. Even if a hole is uninhabited, it makes a welcome home for another bee next season.

The first step is to determine which type of bee you have. There are two types of carpenter bees, large and small. Chances are you will see the bees before you find their holes. A large carpenter bee is often mistaken for a bumble bee. A carpenter bee is similar in size to a bumble bee. But unlike a bumble bee’s fury coat, a carpenter bee will have a smooth, dark abdomen. They tend to stay close to their burrows, hovering like a helicopter and darting back and forth, protecting the nest. You will sometimes see them dart right in front of you or hear them buzzing past your ear, but they don’t sting and are rarely dangerous.

If you see bees, look around for holes or check the ground for little piles of “frass” that looks like sawdust. When you find a whole, it’s necessary to kill the bees and seal the hole to prevent it from being reinhabited. It’s best to apply an insecticide dust at the edge of the hole so that as the bees come they will pick up the powder and die. After bee season, when the hole is uninhabited, fill the hole to make sure it isn’t reused. Wood putty or caulk are common fillers.

Keeping Your Home Safe


Of course, if you want to make sure your Dunwoody, Georgia, home is safe from carpenter bees and other pests, your best bet is to call People’s Pest Control. We’re happy to give you a free quote and get started right away, and we’ll never an charge extra for the first treatment. Let People’s Pest Control keep your Dunwoody home safe, so you can enjoy all that the northern suburbs have to offer, minus the pests.

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