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East Cobb, Georgia, may not be part of a city, but it sure deserves a big city pest control solution. People’s Pest Control serve all of Metro Atlanta, so we know our Georgia bugs. But we also know our neighborhoods and communities, making us specially suited for the unique needs of East Cobb residents.

People’s Pest Control is not content to do what our competitors do. Our competitors cover a handful of bugs and pests, then charge you extra for any others. At People’s Pest Control, we cover 99% of the most common pests in Roswell. And because we know you’ll love us, we have no long term contracts. Every treatment is equally priced, including your first, based on the size of your home. No hidden charges. No fees. People’s Pest Control really is the pest control service that is dedicated to the people, our happy customers. Just see what they’re saying about us!


Information about Pest Control and Extermination in East Cobb

East Cobb is a great place to kick back and relax, just far enough from the city to be convenient but secluded. And when you’re relaxing, the last thing you need is pesky bugs and bothersome pests coming to ruin your day. People’s Pest Control will keep your home or office bug free, so you can enjoy all that East Cobb has to offer without interruption.


Yellow Jackets in East Cobb

One of the peskiest of pests in East Cobb, GA, is the yellow jacket. Though they are often mistaken for bees, they are actually a type of wasp. A quick visual inspection should help you
figure out what type of bug you are looking at. Whereas bees have a rounded body covered in hair, wasps have a clearly defined waist between the thorax and the abdomen.

Yellow jackets are scavengers. In the wild they go after nectar as well as hunting small insects. Around humans, yellow jackets are attracted to meats and anything sweet. Outdoor picnics or even just garbage that is left exposed can attract yellow jackets.

Yellow jackets tend to make their nests close to the ground. Yellow jacket nests can be found underneath steps or porches, as well as at the base of trees or in small cracks in sidewalks or patios. Nests can also be found higher up in man made spaces, like in ceiling corners of outdoor buildings, under eaves, or on the underside of a deck.


Treating for Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are a useful predator of some insects that can cause damage to homes and property. Because of this, it is recommended to only go after nests that pose a stinging threat to people or pets. Unlike bees, yellow jackets can sting multiple times, though they tend to sting only when protecting their nests. For that reason, if a nest is in an area that sees a lot of human or pet traffic, it may be a good idea to treat the nest to avoid the threat of yellow jacket stings.

Nests can be treated with insecticide powders or with aerosol sprays. A pest control specialist, like those at People’s Pest Control, may treat a nest after dark, when the yellow jackets are less active. When treating a nest, there is always a danger of attack by a large number of yellow jackets, so it can be useful to call in a professional. Once the yellow jackets in that nest are dead, the abandoned nest can be safely removed.

To treat yellow jacket infestations and many other pest and bug infestations, all you have to do is call People’s Pest Control. We’re here to help with a no cost, no obligation estimate. We’ll also stick with you and set up a quarterly treatment plan to prevent future infestation.

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