Finding the Best Pest Control in Georgia

Choosing a pest control service can be tough. After all, a quick search online will tell you that there are dozens of pest control services out there serving the Atlanta Metro Area and North Georgia. So how can you tell the difference? The truth is, there are certain things to look for that can tell you if a pest control service is honest, upstanding, and competitively priced. So don’t be fooled by super cheap, fly by night pest control services. And don’t think you have to go with a giant national company where you’re just another number. Finding the best pest control in Georgia is simple if you know what to look for.

Finding the Best Pest Control in Georgia [infographic]

What Do They Cover

If you’re going to look for pest control, you want to know that your pest control company will actually cover the pests you have. You might expect that any pest control company should cover the various pests that are common in Atlanta and North Georgia. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In fact, many pest control services only cover a few common pests. If you need help controlling other pests besides their basic package, you will end up paying extra fees.

This is one trick used by super cheap, low-end pest control services. They lure you in with the promise of the cheapest pest control in town. Then, once you’ve signed an agreement and they’ve started taking your money, they let you know what that price really covers. If you end up using pest control services for anything other than the few pests in their basic plan, they will charge you extra. And they don’t just charge extra for a larger plan. They will charge extra for each and every new type of pest you want to add. You can see how very quickly their bottom of the barrel pricing becomes much more expensive, while their bottom of the barrel customer service remains the same.

People’s Pest Control covers 99% of common pests in Atlanta and North Georgia. That means that you will almost never need to add an extra service. That saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

Is Their Pricing Fair and Transparent

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a classic bait and switch scheme. A pest control service lures you in with the promise of unusually low rates for service. Then, once your have taken the “bait”, they come on strong with the “switch”. The price you were quoted originally turns out to be fictitious. It doesn’t include service fees, first treatement fees, extra pest coverage fees, and a whole bunch of other made up fees that should never be a part of reliable pest control services.

At People’s Pest Control we want you to know what your service is going to cost up front. And once we give you a price, that is the only price we will charge. Nothing changes, because we are honest about our pricing from the start. We never charge an extra fee for your first treatment. Every treatment is the same cost, so you know what to expect. We also don’t charge extra hidden fees, so you can be confident that the price you are paying today is the price you will pay tomorrow. And you know that the price will hold steady form service call to service call.

If for any reason there needs to be a price change, People’s Pest Control will let you know in advance and will explain exactly what the change is paying for. They will give you a breakdown of why we have to charge extra and what you are getting. But chances are that that will never happen. With our open and transparent pricing, what you see is what you get.

Do They Want to Trap You With a Long-Term Contract

Effective pest control is not a matter of a single visit. To really keep you home pest free, you will need an exterminator to come make regular follow up appointments to check for any signs of infestation and to do some preventative spraying. Many pest control services do these check-ups on a quarterly basis, visiting about every three months.

While it is a good idea to keep your quarterly service calls, we at People’s Pest Control don’t believe in long-term contracts. Some companies will want you to sign up for long-term care, sometimes even paying up front. If a company is doing that, it may just be because they want to lock you in, even if their service is sub par.

At People’s Pest Control there are no long-term contracts. Why not? We simply don’t need them. We know that we offer outstanding service at a fair price. So we are confident that we can keep you as a customer because you are highly satisfied, without making you sign a contract. Our service speaks for itself, but if you want to know about it ahead of time, just check out these reviews from our highly satisfied customers.

Is Their Pricing Easy to Understand

Sometimes a pest control service will start you at one price, but by the time you are done talking to your pest control specialist, you find that your price has shot up. And you may have no idea how that happened. Chances are, your crooked pest control service is trying to pad their prices with confusing fees and extras that you weren’t aware of when you started. This kind of difficult to understand pricing scheme can make homeowners feel cheated and confused. That’s why People’s Pest Control decided to do things completely differently.

Instead of basing our price on complex calculations or a forest of extra fees and charges, we went for something simple. At People’s Pest Control we have an easy to understand tiered pricing system. And the different pricing tiers are based only on the size of your home. That’s it. No fees. No calculations. That means that you can know your cost of service even before your pest control specialist walks in the door. And once you know your price, you can feel confident that the price you calculated is the only price we will offer. Since there are no extra services-everything is included-there is no room for an up-sell.

How is Their Customer Service

There are plenty of pest control companies out there both big and small. But what sets People’s Pest Control appart is our commitment to excellent customer service. You are a unique individual with your own pest control needs, and we respect that. Sometimes, if you work with a large, national company you will find that you have become just a number in a vast system. If you need help, you have to call a national call center, where you will wait on hold only to have your call received by an inexperienced phone operator. You describe your problem and your description is followed up by a long pause. That’s because the inexperienced operator is looking up the answer. If they can’t find the answer, chances are you will get a “ticket’ and the promise to call you back in a few days.

At People’s Pest Control, we don’t have a large call center. Instead, when you call you will get someone in our office. And our office staff are knowledgeable. They are prepared to handle many questions, even some technical ones. And if they don’t know the answer, they can easily contact a field worker to get the answer fast.

Choose the Best, Choose People’s Pest Control

If you are looking for simply the best pest control in Atlanta and North Georgia you don’t have to look far. People’s Pest Control is without a doubt an excellent choice for pest control. You can count on fair and transparent pricing, excellent service, and a commitment to keeping your home pest and bug free. So it’s time to contact us online or give us a call at (404) 480-4038. We’ll be happy to get you a free estimate. And there is no reason not to start today. Every treatment costs the same, whether we come out once or a hundred times. There is no added fee for your first service and there are no long-term service contracts. So give it a shot and call today!

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