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Kennesaw, Georgia, residents deserve a quality pest control solution that fits their specific needs. People’s Pest Control is proud to serve Kennesaw for all its pest control and extermination needs. If you live in Kennesaw, don’t go another day without People’s Pest Control to protect your home from unwanted bugs and pests.

At People’s Pest Control, we choose to be different from the competition. Other pest control services want to charge you extra for specialized extermination and pest control services. At People’s Pest Control we cover 99% of common pests in Georgia with our standard plan. And that plan comes at a fair and transparent cost. We have 4 pricing tiers based on the size of your home. No long term contracts. No fist-time service fees. It’s that simple. We’re confident that once you try People’s Pest Control you will recognize the value we bring, so get started today with your first treatment and experience the People’s Pest Control difference.

Special Pest Control Information for Kennesaw Residents

Kennesaw, GA, residents appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere and natural beauty of their city, but when bugs think they are part of your family it’s time to tell them who’s boss. You may find yourself walking in the pedestrian friendly downtown or exploring the history of Kennesaw Mountain, but the last thing you want to find when you come home is a host of nasty pests that have decided to move in with you.

Perhaps the epitome of the pesky pest in Kennesaw is the stink bug. They won’t necessarily damage your home. They don’t eat into your walls or bite or sting. But, like their name says, they sure can stink.

Stink Bugs in Kennesaw

Stink Bugs love Kennesaw because of the relatively mild winters and warm humid summers. During the spring and summer stink bugs want to be outside. But during the cold winter months, stink bugs look for someplace to shelter. That place could just be your home.

Stink bugs that find a warm place to shelter over the winter may not be satisfied to spend the winter alone. Though they are mostly inactive during the winter months, they will excrete a pheromone when they find a suitable winter home that attracts other stink bugs and alerts them to the comfy conditions.

You’ll start to notice the stink bugs in the spring when they reactivate. They will be looking for a way out of your home, but on their way out they can be quite a nuisance.

The Stink of the Stink Bug

The problem with getting rid of stink bugs is that most ways you might want to catch them will cause them to emit their stink. When a stink bug feel threatened it will emit a stinky chemical, which it can actually eject up to several inches. It will also release its smell if you kill it. While it might seem like a good idea to trap a stink bug under a cup or suck it up in a vacuum, either of these methods will likely leave you with the telltale foul odor.

What to Do About Stink Bugs

If you start to notice a bunch of stink bugs in your Kennesaw home during the spring, it may be a good idea to call in the pros. Here at People’s Pest Control we include stink bugs in our standard service. We’ll get those bugs out of your home without the nasty smell, so you can go about enjoying the lovely spring weather and all that Kennesaw has to offer.

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