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Lake Lanier, Georgia, is Atlanta’s favorite local resort, and People’s Pest Control wants to keep it that way. Don’t let pests and bugs ruin your spot by the lake. People’s Pest Control is proud to serve Lake Lanier for all its pest control and extermination needs.

People’s Pest Control was never content to run with the crowd. Instead, we looked at what the other guys were doing and wondered why it had to be that way. Some other pest control services only cover some pests and bugs, but if you want the whole package you could end up paying $50-$500 in extra fees. Not People’s. We cover 99% of common pests with our basic plan.

We also looked at pricing. We’re not out to see how much money we can squeeze out of. Instead, we have a simple and transparent four tier pricing plan based on the size of your home. So it’s easy to tell exact what your treatments will cost before we even step in the door. You can get your free quote today!

Some surprises are good, but not when it comes to added fees and hidden charges. So we decided to throw those out, too. Instead, every treatment is the same simple, transparent fee. No extra charges for your first treatment and no long-term contracts. We know that our service is what keeps our customers. Just see what they have to say!


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It doesn’t take an expert to tell that Lake Lanier, GA, is a beautiful place to live and play. But if your good times are being interrupted by bugs and pests, don’t wait to call in the experts. People’s Pest Control has your back. We’ll have your home or vacation property back in business in no time.

With all that water around, it’s not uncommon for Lake Lanier residents to run into pests. Silverfish especially love damp, humid spots. That can be a damp stack of papers in your basement, or a piles of wet clothes left in your laundry room after a day at the beach.


Silverfish Infestations

The most common sign of a silverfish infestation is catching sight of the bugs themselves. Harder to detect is their pepper-like feces or the damage they may do by eating through papers, clothing, or food.

Silverfish are nocturnal and move quickly, making them hard to spot. By the time you notice one or two, you may have a pretty serious infestation. Do-it-yourself solutions like sprays, traps, and good old-fashioned cinnamon will kill or repel adults, but will not treat an infestation.

Treating a silverfish infestation requires a treatment that kills the adults and destroys their eggs. This is best done by a professional from People’s Pest Control, who will customize a plan to get rid of the bugs once and for all.

Keeping away silverfish and other bugs is an ongoing process. A clean house with well sealed doors and windows can help, as well as avoiding humidity in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and garages. But no matter what you do, the bugs will be back eventually. Unless you do something about it. People’s Pest Control will set up quarterly inspections and treatments to keep you truly bug free. Contact us today!

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