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When it comes to pest control and extermination in Marietta, Georgia, People’s Pest Control has got you covered. The professionals at People’s Pest Control have been keeping homes bug and pest free in the Atlanta Metro Area for years, and we proudly serve Marietta with our excellent pest control and extermination services.

People’s Pest Control does things a little differently than our competition. For starters, we cover 99% of all common pests in Georgia. You won’t find that with our competitors. But it doesn’t stop there. People’s Pest Control is committed to fair and transparent pricing. Our pricing is simple, with 4 pricing tiers based on the size of your home, not how much we can get out of you. We never charge extra for the first treatment. Every treatment costs the same and there are no long term contracts. So what are you waiting for? Contact People’s Pest Control now for your free quote BEFORE the bugs get a chance to invade your home. You’ll be happy you made the call.

Pest Control Information for Marietta

Marietta, GA, residents know that they live in a unique city. Whether you’re using the Big Chicken to give directions, exploring the ruins of the Civil War at Sope Creek, or enjoying the funky shops and interesting events at Marietta Square, Marietta residents know how to enjoy their city.

But Marietta has some visitors that residents could live without. People’s Pest Control is here to keep uninvited pests and bugs out of your home or office. But what happens when they won’t leave?

Argentine Ants in Marietta

Some of the worst offenders on the list of unwanted pests and bugs are Argentine ants. Argentine Ants are an invasive species that has taken over Georgia and the United States since their accidental introduction in the 1880s.

The recent weather in Marietta hasn’t helped. Argentine ants are always on the lookout for food, water, and shade. With our recent high temperatures, Argentine ants are desperate for a cool spot to hide out, and little piles of mulch around your home or in your gutters are perfect. So are small cracks that lead into your walls, or even your kitchen cabinets. Standing water (which we have lots of with the recent rain) also attracts the ants. And of course, a bit of food as small as just a crumb can become a snack for thousands of ants.

What to Do About an Ant Infestation

The first thing you might do to quell an ant infestation is to spray bug spray. Bug spray will do what it says it will do, which is to kill ants on contact. Unfortunately, killing the ants you can see is not enough. If you see 10 ants, there are 1,000 or more waiting to pop out when those 10 are gone. Smashing ants is even worse, as the dead ants give off a chemical signal that calls other ants.

There are other solutions, like gel traps, that will catch some ants, but completely stopping an infestation requires going to the source. Unfortunately, regular pesticides you can get at a home supply store probably won’t work on Argentine ants.

If you really want to stop the ants, you’ll need to call a bug and pest control expert like the experts at People’s Pest Control. They have special treatments that will take care of your infestation. But don’t worry about cost, because ants are included in People’s Pest Control’s standard service, so there is no extra fee to treat for Argentine ants or 99% of the other common pests in Georgia. You can learn more about all our pest control services and options here.

Don’t let ants beat you. Take control with People’s Pest Control.

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