Pest Control Atlanta: Not All Pest Control Methods Are Created Equal

When it comes to hiring a pest control professional, your options aren’t as vast as they may seem.

Not all pest control methods are created equal. If you’ve ever hired a company in the past to take care of a pest problem — whether it be a roach, rodent, termite or some other type of infestation — only to have the pests return shortly after treatment, then you’re already aware of the pitfalls that come with hiring the wrong company for the job. But, does the right pest control company even exist? Should you attempt to carry out pest control methods on your own?

And, while it’s true that some less-threatening pests — such as houseflies or black ants — can be thwarted using DIY pest control tools found at your local box store, it’s extremely unwise to approach the ‘big boys’ — cockroaches, rats, mice, bed bugs, termites etc. — if you’re not a pest control professional. Why?

Because the average home or business owner simply does NOT posses the knowledge or tools necessary to handle the task. This means finding a reputable company in North Georgia is imperative to getting rid of your pest woes, no matter if you’re problem exists at home or at your place of business. 


As you can see, some of the most well known pest control companies out there seem to fall short when it comes to effectively controlling your pests. Then again, you likely already knew that (hence why you’re here), which means you should now be on the look out for a pest control solution that is :

    You don’t want your pest issues popping back up for a visit every few months or so, thus you’re pest control solution needs to be one that is built to keep pests away for good.
  • SAFE:
    You want to control pests without putting anyone’s health at risk. This means your pest control solution should be one that is safe and uses minimal to no chemical pesticides in order to be successful.
    If you have a pest problem that involves mice, squirrels or raccoons, trapping and killing them is not the most inhumane solution. Your pest control plan should include getting rid you of your issues without harming any cute and cuddly animals in the process.


Hire a Pest Control Professional in Atlanta

The solution to all of your pest control problems is to hire a pest control professional in your area, and primarily one that specializes in controlling a range of pests for both commercial AND residential properties, such as People’s Pest Control.

What makes us the perfect company for eliminating your pest problems, no matter what the pest is? It’s simple: we serve North Georgia with years of expertise in the pest control industry, innovative (and safe) techniques, and, of course, the most effective home or commercial pest control services in the entire state of Georgia.

We’re proud to offer our customers fair and transparent pricing, without a long-term contract, as well as the most simplified pest control services you’re sure to find anywhere else.

While knowing what to look for when it comes to finding the right company for the job is a fantastic start, your work isn’t finished just yet. Now that you’ve found the pest control company that fits your needs and budget, you’ll need to figure out (if you haven’t already) just what pest is causing the issues in your home or business. This will allow your pest control company to create a precise and effective plan to eradicate your specific pest infestation for good. Which leads us to…

Identifying Your Pest


Video courtesy of HomeTeam Pest Defense on YouTube.

Cockroaches are the epitome of a gross insect. From the German roach — which is what’s typically seen in movies and television — to the ever-prominent water cockroach, these pests are among some of the nastiest when it comes to spreading illnesses (children are the most susceptible) and multiplying rapidly.

The worst part is, roaches typically have no bias when it comes to where they infest, which means you’re likely to see an infestation in your house, workplace or anywhere else they sense a meal is imminent. Roaches love everything from garbage to animal feces, so keeping a clean environment free of debris and trash is ideal for preventing these disgusting insects from ever becoming a problem.

For a detailed look at what specific diseases cockroaches cause and/or spread, we suggest checking out this article from our friends over at Rentokil.


Messy Eaters:Termites are notorious for eating wood, causing a home’s structure to be weakened & damaged.

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Sometimes mistaken for Carpenter Ants — which are a lesser, yet still-terrorizing, threat — termites are quite arguably the worst pest you ever want infesting your home or business. Why? For starters, these insects (which come in all shapes and sizes) are notorious for rapidly multiplying and for being infatuated with wood — unfortunately, this means the structure of your home or place of business is a huge meal in the eyes of a termite.

Termites not only threaten the stability of a structure, causing millions of dollars for Americans in repairs each year, but they’re also extremely difficult to control. This is why, if you should ever notice a termite infestation (hopefully sooner than later) you should call a local termite control expert.

As North Georgia’s source for effective termite control, People’s Pest Control has the experience and resources to successfully rid you of your termite infestation. Contact us immediately to set up an inspection which will allow our experts to come up with the best course of action for you.

If you’re unsure whether you even have a termite infestation, we suggest you check out this helpful article from Angie’s List.

Bed Bugs

Have you ever heard the saying “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”? Well, as innocent as this old adage may have sounded when you were young, it’s actually referring to a gnarly pest that has been wreaking havoc on American households for decades.

Bed bugs are more common than you may think — one out of five U.S. homes experiences an infestation, according to a recent survey from the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) — and a bed bug infestation is typically very tricky to get under control. This is mainly due to this pest’s propensity for multiplying quicker than most insects, as well as their tiny (almost microscopic) size, which makes them extremely hard to detect with the naked eye.

The best way to determine if you have a bed bug infestation in your home is to inspect your skin (much like mosquitoes, bed bugs love human blood) for small red, itchy bumps after a night’s rest. If you do suspect bed bugs, you should call your local pest control professional immediately (bed bugs are NOT a do-it-yourself pest control job). If you’re terrified at even the thought of bed bugs becoming an issue, you should take the necessary precautions to prevent them.

This includes keeping your bedroom clean and tidy, as well as being mindful when you travel, as bringing back bed bugs as a souvenir via your luggage is a notorious way to welcome an infestation into your home. 


Hide & Seek: Like many pests, rats and mice love hiding in small places.

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As adorable as a rat or mouse may seem, it’s important to note that they are, indeed, pests. Rodents not only threaten the structure of a home or business, but they’re also incredible at spreading diseases (bubanic plague, anyone?) that could be life threatening in some instances.

While mouse and rat traps (as well as rat poison) are an inhumane way to handle these pests, this certainly doesn’t mean you should take them lightly if you suspect a rodent infestation. Contrary to popular belief, rodents aren’t just attracted to cheese, which means in order to prevent these pests from ever becoming a problem, you should keep trash far away from your property and make sure to never leave dirty dishes or pet food out for too long. For more tips on how to prevent a rat or mouse infestation, we suggest reading this post from the CDC

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