Pest Control for Hotels and Hospitality

If you are in the hotel or hospitality industry, you know that you can’t skimp on pest control for hotels. Reputation is everything and you can’t afford to have even a minor pest infestation. Customers who notice pests on your property have more venues than ever to spread the word, from online review sites to social media. Be sure that your business is 100% bug free with the help of the professionals at People’s Pest Control.

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Controlling Pests in Hotels

Hotels live and die on their reputations. And there is nothing worse for your reputation than having guests find pests in your establishment. When guests check into a hotel, the baseline expectation is that their room is clean and well kept. Finding a bug in your bed, in your bathroom, or even just skittering across the floor of your room is enough to send a guests into an uproar. Avoiding pests is not just important for hotels, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Reputation is Everything

Hotel reservations aren’t what they used to be. Once upon a time, people relied on travel agents to help book their hotels and other travel needs. Today, more and more people are booking their own travel online. In fact, nearly two thirds of hotel reservation are now made online. In hard numbers, that is 148.3 million travel bookings made on the internet every year (as of 2017). Surveys also show that the more than 9 out of 10 customers say that the ratings of an accommodation on a review site are an important part of their decision about where to stay. Your business simply can’t afford to have bad reviews.

Other Dangers of Pests in Hotels

Besides causing problems with your reputation, pests can cause problems with a hotel’s health and safety inspection. The Georgia Department of Public Health inspects hotels and includes the following measure: Premises free of pests and rodents; pesticide applied in accordance with laws, rules, and label. In practice this means that a hotel that has pests may score poorly on its health inspection. Beyond that, even if you are working to control pests in your hotel, improper use or application of pest control measures can endanger your health rating. That is why it is especially important that you seek the services of a professional to ensure that your pest control is not only effective, but done to the highest standards of public safety. Hiring a company like People’s Pest Control can ensure that your hotel is in complete compliance with public health standards.

Unique Pest Control Challenges for Hotels

Hotels face unique challenges when it comes to pest control. There are a number of different risk factors for pest infestation of hotels.

First, a hotel has a constantly revolving clientele. With hundreds or even thousands of guests coming through the hotel, it is hard to control for pests that may be brought in on a guest’s clothing, luggage, or person.

Second, most hotels have at least some form of food service. Running a commercial kitchen means that you have to be concerned about food preparation and commercial food storage. Stored food is a particular risk factor in pest control. In fact, stored product infestation is a major concern for restaurants, hotels, and food retailers and wholesalers.

Third, a hotel constantly has people coming in and out of numerous entry points. With so many entrance points it can be difficult to monitor each one and ensure that pests are not able to enter the premises. Since complete control of all entry points in nearly impossible, hotels may have to turn to other methods of pest control.

Common Pest Found in Hotels

Bed Bugs

Perhaps the most feared pests in the hospitality industry are bed bugs. Treating a bed bug infestation can be difficult even for a private residence. Treating a whole hotel can be a complex, difficult, and costly process. Unfortunately, bed bugs can travel on people’s clothing and luggage, and there is really no way to screen every guest for bed bugs. So what can you do? Your best protection against bed bugs is regular inspection and timely treatment of any bed bugs found in a room. With People’s Pest Control you can arrange an ongoing service relationship that will minimize your risk of spreading a bed bug infestation around your hotel.


Another common pest is found in houses, businesses, and hotels. Cockroaches are incredibly well suited to living with humans. They have adapted to all kinds of human habitations, including hotels. Controlling for cockroaches starts with recognizing risk factors and eliminating them as much as possible. Two major risk factors for cockroach infestation are improperly stored food and kitchens where bits of food and crumbs are not properly cleaned. Cockroaches move into human habitats looking for food and water. Different types of cockroaches have different habits, including their preferred living space and feeding habits. However, eliminating the cockroaches’ food source goes a long way toward totally eliminating cockroaches. It is important to recognize that different cockroaches may feed on food scraps, dirty dishes, or even putrefied organic matter, such as food garbage or even rotting cardboard.


A particularly dangerous infestation for hotels or any home or business is rodents. Rodents such as mice and rats carry a wide variety of diseases. These diseases are present in the urine and feces of these pests, which can be widely spread if an infestation takes hold. Mice and rats can feed off of improperly stored food and garbage and often make their nests inside walls or other dark corners and cavities. Due to the highly toxic nature of rodent droppings, you should never try to clean out a rodent’s nest yourself. If you find that you have rodents, it is important to call in a pest control professional as soon as possible.

Signs of a rodent infestation can be rodent droppings or items that appear to have been nibbled on by a rat or mouse, especially stored food. Mice and rats like to stay out of the way of humans, so it unlikely that you will see them. However, if rodents have taken over the inside of your walls, you may hear scratching, squeaking, and the pitter patter of little feet. Worst of all, if a rodent dies in your walls, you may smell the stench of a decomposing rodent body, as well as noticing flies that are drawn to the decaying mouse or rat.


Your guests are unlikely to notice termites, so they won’t damage your reputation. But a termite infestation can still damage your bottom line by causing damage and decay to your building and property. Controlling for termites will keep your property in good structural condition. It’s not always easy to spot an infestation. But a professional inspection by a technician from People’s Pest Control will be able to diagnose a potential infestation.

Pest Control and Prevention

There are a number or ways to try to prevent pest infestations. Each type of pest requires different safety measures. In general, keeping your hotel clean goes a long way towards eliminating food sources and hiding places for pests. This is especially true of food pests like cockroaches and rodents. Bed bugs are susceptible to heat. Making sure that all bedding and linens are regularly washed and dried at high temperature can help control any infestation. But the only way to really ensure that your hotel stays bug and pest free is to form an ongoing relationship with a pest control professional. You can contact People’s Pest Control today for an initial inspection of your property and price quote for an ongoing service package.

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