At People’s Atlanta Pest Control, we make Atlanta pest control as simple as possible. Once you sign up, a certified technician will schedule an appointment to inspect and treat your home. During the initial inspection we’ll get your input on any specific pest issues and adjust our treatments accordingly. From that point, you’ll see us every quarter to keep treating and protecting your home. And if you see any pests between visits, give us a call and we’ll come back for a refresh at no charge.

  • As a homeowner what should I look for in a pest control company?
    First, make sure the name of the company is People’s Pest Control.
    That’s pretty much it. Kidding aside, the company should be qualified and licensed. The technicians should be trained professionals who can identify and treat your specific pest problem accordingly. Also, they should have liability insurance to cover any accidents to the house or furnishings during treatment.
  • My house is very clean. Why do I still see roaches?
    A clean house is beneficial to pest control, but unfortunately cannot keep roaches from entering your home. If the roaches are large, they’re coming through small holes around windows and doors where your house may not be sealed completely. German cockroaches are much smaller and enter the house as stowaways on groceries, bags, or other items brought in. And they particularly love bratwurst.
  • Are your treatments safe for pets?
    Yes, unless you have a pet roach. Our treatments kill pests not pets. Just make sure your pets stay away from the treated areas until the areas are dry. The pesticides we use are applied in very low concentrations. Just enough to kill insects.
  • Will all the pests in my home disappear immediately?
    While our R&D department is still working on a magic pest control wand that immediately eliminates pests with a single wave, we still have work to do. So the answer is no. After our initial treatment, those pests will die, but more will continue to sneak in. With quarterly treatments, we’ll get those newcomers. And if you’re not happy, we’ll drop by for an extra treatment at no charge.
  • Does your quarterly pest control service come with a guarantee?
    As long as you’re in an active People’s quarterly pest control plan, you’ll have our 100% guarantee. Quarterly treatments are key to maintaining sustained protection. Our guarantee also ensures that if you see pests at any time between our quarterly treatments, we’ll be back quickly to address the issue.
  • Do your technicians undergo training?
    Every one of People’s Pest Control technicians are trained according to our intensive protocol. Additionally, before any technicians are hired they must pass a rigorous drug screening and criminal background check.

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