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People’s Pest Control is no stranger to Roswell, Georgia. As a full service pest control and extermination business, People’s Pest Control has served the Atlanta Metro Area for years. Just ask your neighbors and you’ll find that People’s Pest Control is the best option for pest control in Roswell.

When we started People’s Pest Control, we looked at the pest control industry in Georgia and saw that we could do better. Better means covering 99% of common Georgia pests in our standard plan. Better means no surprise costs. We have a simple 4 tier pricing system based on the size of your house, with no hidden fees. Better means no long term contracts, because we know you’ll love us. Better means no extra cost for your first treatment, ever. So go ahead and get your free quote from People’s Pest Control and start protecting your home today.

Pest Control and Extermination Info for Roswell Residents

Roswell, GA, has a little bit of everything: shopping, nature trails, family fun, nightlife. But sometimes a little bit of everything can mean a little bit of pests and bugs, too. If you’ve been noticing bugs in your home, call Peoples Pest Control right away. Of course, the best time to call is BEFORE the bugs show up in the first place.

We know that Roswell residents love their furry friends. But when those furry friends bring home fleas, a little outdoor fun can turn into a serious pest nightmare. And although an infestation might start with a pet, once the fleas have made it off your pets and into the house, there is some serious work to be done to get rid of them

Fighting a Flea Infestation

The first thing to realize about fighting a flea infestation is that it is not an easy one-step battle. Instead, you will have to follow a number of important steps for days or even weeks to kill off all the fleas. Because fleas reproduce so quickly, a lot of your energy will be spent ensuring that you kill flea larvae, which is not easy.

The very first step is to fight the fleas at their source, your pets. Using a flea comb, carefully comb through your pet’s hair to remove fleas. Drop any fleas you collect on the comb into hot soapy water to kill them. You should also speak your veterinarian about treating fleas and available prevention methods for the future

Once your pets are clean, it’s time to turn to your floors. Clear all the floors of your house. Make sure that any toys, light furniture, or other items are removed. Heavy furniture can stay where it is as long as it is heavy enough that a flea couldn’t get in the space between between it (or its legs) and the carpet. However, you will have to make sure to clean underneath any furniture that is not flush with the floor.

With the floors cleared, you are ready to vacuum. Vacuuming serves several important purposes. It collects adult fleas, it collects the flea dust (dried blood and feces of the fleas) that flea larva feed on, it stimulates the larvae to prematurely exit their cocoons so they become susceptible to insecticide, and it lifts up carpet fibers so your carpet can absorb as much insecticide as possible.

You can focus your vacuuming in places where you see evidence of fleas. You might see the bugs themselves, which look like little black specks that appear and disappear into your carpet, or flea dust, bits of dried blood and feces that look like ground black pepper spread across an area. Even then, it is good to get to every nook and cranny. If you miss even a few fleas, they can quickly reproduce into a whole new infestation.

You’re not done. After doing carpeted floors you will want to move on to any vinyl or hardwood flooring and repeat the process. Continue to repeat that process, vacuuming your furniture, upholstery, inside cabinets, cushions, your bed, and even your pillows. For moderate to severe infestations you may need to steam clean all of these areas before you vacuum. The hot steam will kill the adult fleas. After steam cleaning and vacuuming, apply an insecticide made especially for fleas.

Repeat the whole process every other day until the fleas are gone. The trick is to kill off the adults as soon as they hatch and try to prevent new generations of fleas. Standard insecticides will only kill hatched adults. Vacuuming will help, by stimulating the flea larvae to leave their cocoons early, but the whole process could take a week or up to a month.

What if I don’t want to do all of that?

Beating a flea infestation is serious work and can last for weeks. At least that’s one way of doing it. But if you want a simple fix, it’s easy. Just call People’s Pest Control. We include fleas with our standard pest control plan, so you won’t be forking out a hefty fee to rid yourself of this challenging pest.

Best of all, People’s Pest Control will stick with you, setting up quarterly visits to make sure that fleas and other pests stay out of your lovely Roswell home. Because no one wants to share their home with pests and bugs.

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