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Smyrna, Georgia, residents know the joy of outdoor living. Whether you’re catching an open-air concert in Market Village or heading out on the Silver Comet Trail, Smyrna is a great place to outside. But when the outside wants to come inside, it’s time to call in the experts.

Don’t let bugs and pests from Smyrna’s lovely outdoors invade your indoor living spaces. People’s Pest Control is proud to serve Smyrna with fast, reliable, effective pest control and extermination. We’re not satisfied to be like other pest control services. We don’t just cover some pests, we cover 99% of the most common pests in Georgia. And we won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Our simple four-tier pricing is based only on the size of your home, not how much we can squeeze out of you.

People’s Pest Control will work with you to determine the best course of action to get rid of your pests. Set up an appointment with us and we’ll come out for the same price as a return visit. We never charge extra for a first treatment. After that first time, we’ll come back regularly to make sure your bugs and pests don’t come back. But we don’t do long-term contracts. We know that our excellent service alone will keep our customers.

Just check out these comments from local satisfied customers to see how People’s Pest Control can benefit you!


Special Pest Control Info for Smyrna

Sometimes, the pests that bug you most don’t even need to make it into your home. If you’re outside your home and you get attacked by bugs, that’s enough to ruin a perfect day enjoying the outdoors.

There are lots of bugs that can affect you outside your home, and we’ll include them in your service for now extra fee. We work to keep away ticks and fleas, so you and your pets can explore the outdoors safely.

Trying to picnic? We’ve got you covered! Our same basic service covers wasps, fire ants, hornets, and even stinkbugs. So you can dine outdoors with confidence. You and your food will be safe.

Fire Ants in Smyrna

Do you have small children or pets? Then you want to be sure that your home or yard in Smyrna, GA, isn’t playing host to fire ants. Fire ants are not native to the U.S., but since they were accidentally introduced in the 1930s, they have spread like…well, wildfire!

There are a couple of ways you might notice fire ants. The friendlier way is to notice their nests, which they make underground, but which include an above-ground sandy looking mound that can start small and grow up to 24 inches in diameter and 6 or 7 inches in height. The less friendly sign of fire ants is the ants themselves, both workers and swarmers.

Fire ant bites are no joke. In humans, a fire ant bite can cause red bumps and white pustules. Eventually these could lead to scarring. Some adults may experience a worse reaction. If you notice sweating, nausea, or excessive itching, call emergency medical services immediately, as some bites can be deadly. This is made worse by the fact that fire ants can sting multiple times and rarely come alone. A swarm of fire ants can cause severe harm to humans or pets.

The best way to avoid a fire ant bite is to keep fire ants away in the first place. Regular service by a pest control expert like People’s Pest Control will keep out unwanted bugs, including fire ants, keeping your home safe, inside and out. Contact us today for your free quote.

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