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Stone Mountain, Georgia, is a diverse community with a varied cross-section of Atlanta Metropolitan Area residents. Unfortunately, its pest and bug population is diverse, too. But People’s Pest Control has you covered. We are proud to serve Stone Mountain for all its pest control needs.

Some pest control services only cover a short list of pests and bugs. But at People’s Pest Control we aim to be different. We cover 99% of common pests and bugs, at no extra charge. Compare that to other companies that can charge $50-$500 more for pests outside their limited basic coverage

We also like to be different when it comes to pricing. We’re not trying to get every last dollar we can get out of you. Instead, we have 4 simple pricing levels based only on the size of your home or office, with no hidden fees and add-on charges. Our first treatment and every treatment are the same low price. And we have no long-term contracts. Just ask our satisfied customers and you’ll see why we are confident that our service, and not a long-term contract, will keep our customers coming back.

Stone Mountain Pest Control Information

Stone Mountain, GA, is a great place to live, close enough to the big city, but far enough to have its own unique charm. But that charm can quickly disappear when your home is invaded by unwanted guests. Nobody creeping bugs, flying insects, and pesky rodents making their homes in your home. So let People’s Pest Control keep your home safe from unwanted invaders.

One of the oldest and most common unwanted guests is the mouse. Mice have been infesting homes for almost as long as humans have been building them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them out of your home.

There are a few ways you might notice a mouse infestation in your home. Of course, the most obvious is actually catching a mouse in the act of skittering across your floor or under your furniture. But even if you don’t see them, you may see their telltale signs.

One indication that you might have mice is little footprints that appear on your otherwise clean floors. Mice like to hide in walls and attics, or under piles of cardboard boxes if you have them. So if you suspect you have mice, look for their droppings in these areas. You may also be able to find their small holes leading into these areas. Gnaw marks in food or around holes can be a sure sign you have some sort of rodent infestation, which could be mice or rats. Mice will also make plenty of noise, so you may hear them moving through your walls or even squeaking.

What to do if you have a mouse infestation

Mice have lived with humans for thousands of years, and for just as long they have been a major source of disease. It’s very important not to disturb a mouse nest, which may be full of droppings and urine that carry bacteria harmful to humans. Cleaning up after a mouse infestation, even once the mice are gone, is best left to experts who will use protective clothing and breathing masks while they clean.

If you think you have a mouse infestation, the best thing to do is to call in an expert like People’s Pest Control. Our friendly trained technicians will help you get rid of your infestation without risking disease and unhealthy living conditions.

There is never an extra fee for the first treatment, so contact us today to get your free quote. After we get rid of your infestation, we will come back for quarterly check-ups to keep your home bug and pest free.

Resources for Stone Mountain Residents

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