The Most Common Winter Pest Infestations In Atlanta

As the premiere pest control company in Atlanta, we at People’s Pest Control have come across every insect, rodent, and parasite you can think of. While every season poses a fair share of pest infestations for home and business owners to deal with, fall (in particular) is one of the worsts.

What makes fall pests so dangerous is not necessarily the pests themselves, but the fact that homeowners aren’t prepared or aware of the threat. Most folks assume with the passing of the summer season, and with colder months ahead, their pest worries will simply dwindle away until May or June rolls around.

However, this thought process is misguided, as a heap of dangerous pests will soon be looking for shelter from the outdoors, and one of the first places they will seek out is your homes and places of business. Unfortunately, if you already haven’t taken the necessary precautions in order to prevent these fall pests from ever entering your property, then you’re at serious risk for a fall pest infestation.

With that said, once an infestation occurs, that does not mean you should attempt to deal with the problem yourself. In fact, purchasing ineffective traps and repellents at your local box store can actually worsen the infestation. Instead, you should look to the pest control professionals in Atlanta — like People’s Pest Control — who have the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to rid your property of any fall pest.

The first step in controlling pests this fall season is identifying the problem in the first place. Here are the most common pest infestations you may soon be faced with in the months ahead.

Fall Insects

Living in Atlanta, you know exactly how much of a nuisance insects can be during the summer months. However, with our moderate — sometimes downright warm — temperatures in the fall, this results in pesky summer bugs still affecting us until the winter.

Unfortunately, you also have a slew of additional fall-specific insects to deal with as well, which can make going outside — and sometimes even spending times indoors — a truly miserable experience.

Most of these fall-specific insects will enter your homes and properties during the changing of the season, as the weather starts to cool a bit, seeking shelter and food sources. Here are some of the most common insect infestations you may soon be dealing with this fall:

Flies –

While flies are typically the party pooper at your summer barbeque or picnic, the activity of these pests can seriously pick up during the fall season.

Not only can flies be an annoyance, especially when food is around or when they get trapped in your home, but they can also contaminate food and surfaces; spreading illnesses and bacteria. This is why it’s important to always keep windows and doors shut in your home or place of business.

Stinging Insects – 

Wasps, bees, and yellow-jackets thrive during the summer when flowers are blooming and pollen — their main food source — is in abundance. However, when the fall rolls around, and foliage begins to die, so to do these stinging insects.

Why should this be a concern of yours? Unfortunately, when these pests begin to die off they don’t do so without a fight and can become extremely active and aggressive throughout the fall season. In order to avoid being stung, you should have a pest control professional rid your yard of any known nests.

Ants –

You’ve likely been dealing with ants since May. Perhaps you’ve even destroyed an ant hill or two. Sadly, your battle with these pests isn’t over just yet.

Ants will soon be seeking shelter inside your property, looking for warmth and food sources that are no longer available in the outdoors. To discourage an ant infestation — which could get out of hand quickly — you should be sure to keep your kitchens spotless and (if you have a dog) ensure all dog food is kept off the ground.

Seasonal Bugs – 

Now that we’ve covered the insects that carry over from the summer, let’s explore the bugs that are specific to the fall season in particular.

These include everything from stink bugs, boxelders, and lady bugs. While none of these insects pose a threat to your health, they can overrun your homes if you aren’t careful in eliminating them. Consult with a pest control professional in Atlanta if you should expect an infestation from any of these unwanted intruders this fall.


Mice and rats can be an issue during any season. With that said, when the temperatures start to cool down, the activity of rodents looking to invade your property begins to rise significantly.

This can be a massive threat to not only the structural integrity of your property, but it can also threaten the health of you and your family, as most rodents carry a myriad of different diseases, some of which are even life threatening.

In order to catch a rodent infestation in its tracks, before it can get out of hand, you should familiarize yourself with the signs. Gnawing and droppings in any areas (specifically dark corners) of your home are both clear indications of a rodent problem.

Here are the rodents you need to watch out for this fall

Deer Mouse –

Known for being one of the most abundant and common types of rodents seen throughout the United States, deer mice carry a range of serious illnesses and can even be vectors for other pests and parasites, such as ticks and fleas.

Unlike other rodents, deer mice have a distinct brown and white color and thin tail, and are mostly nocturnal creatures; feasting on anything from insects to your pantry items at night time.

Norway Rat – 

The Norway rat is distinctive in its likelihood to be surrounded by a swarm of its brothers and sisters; a characteristic that has led experts to dub this breed the “socialite rat”.

This is why catching a Norway rat infestation early is so important, as it typically means you have a larger infestation on your hands and should seek immediate assistance from a pest control company. These rats, like many, carry a laundry list of dangerous diseases and illnesses that can not only harm you and your family but also your pets.

Norway rats are easy to spot, as they have distinctive shaggy fur, which is brown, a blunt muzzle along with small eyes and ears.

House Mice – 

The house mouse couldn’t be more appropriately named, as its the most common type of mouse found terrorizing homes across North America and beyond.

Beyond spreading illnesses, like salmonellosis, and being vectors for parasites like fleas and lice, house mice are incredible chewers and can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your property. This can lead to extremely expensive repairs, which is why a house mice invasion needs to be immediately addressed by a pest control professional.

What You Can Do To Prevent Fall Pests

While a pest infestation should only be addressed and handled by the pest control experts — like People’s Pest Control — there are a few steps you can take in order to prevent a fall pest problem in the first place.

Keep Your Property Clean –

If there’s one trait that almost all pests share, it would have to be their distinct love of human-consumed food. This is why you should take extra care to keep your home and business spotless, ensuring no food is ever left out and floors are constantly swept and/or vacuumed.

As an extra precaution, you can place non-perishable pantry foods — such as cereal, rice, and oatmeal — in sealable plastic containers. This will ensure your food is safe from invading pests.

Seal Entry Points –

One of the main ways a pest can invade your property is through small holes in your home or business; some pests can even enter through a crack the size of a pinhole.

While you may not be able to seal every single crack or crevice in your home, it’s important to do an inspection of your property in order to find entry points that are clearly visible and take the necessary steps to seal them.

This can be done with anything from caulk to pieces of cotton, and will significantly reduce the chances of a fall pest finding their way inside your home or business this season.

Consult The Atlanta Pest Control Professionals

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