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Vinings, Georgia, residents know the value of location. Nestled into the southeastern tip of Cobb County, Vinings is one of the finest places to live in Metro Atlanta. But fine living doesn’t mean nothing can disturb the peace. When bugs and pests disturb your peace, there is no one better that People’s Pest Control to quickly get those bugs out of your home or office. We’ll get those pesky pests out and keep them out with regular service.

People’s Pest Control was never satisfied to just do what other pest control and extermination services do. Instead, People’s Pest Control wants to go above and beyond. Other pest control services only cover a handful of pests, and will charge you extra for any other pests. At People’s Pest Control, we cover 99% of common Georgia pests at no extra cost.

And when it comes to cost, People’s Pest Control is here to make things easy with our simple four-tier pricing system based only on the size of your home. Plus, we never charge extra for your first service. Every treatment has the same cost, so you have nothing to lose by starting today! And once you start, we know that our excellent service will keep you with us, so we never trap you in a long-term contract. Take a tip from our happy customers and find out why People’s is the best deal in town.


Information about Pest Control and Extermination for Vinings Residents


Your home in Vinings, GA, should be your safe haven, a place to relax and enjoy all this gem of a town has to offer. But when bugs and pests attack, it can feel like you’ve got some uninvited guests who just refuse to leave. And no one wants that.

People’s Pest Control knows that finding bugs in your home can be pretty nasty. No one likes to see roaches, ants, wasps and other creeping, crawling, flying pests making themselves at home in your home. But maybe the worst surprise is to find bugs inside your food. Gross, right?

If you have bugs in your food, chances are you have found the Indian Meal Moth. The Indian Meal Moth goes through the same stages as any moth. They starts out as eggs, nearly invisible to the naked eye. Then they become larvae, crawling bugs that look like tiny worms. This is what you will find in your food. The larvae eventually become pupae, the cocoon stage. Finally, they break out of the cocoon as adult moths.

At the adult moth stage it is easy to mistake an Indian Meal Moth for another type of moth, including the common clothes moth. Like all moths, they are phototrophic, attracted to light. You may spot them at night as they fly towards a lit up light bulb in your home.


Meal Moth Damage


But the destructive (and most disgusting) stage of Indian Meal Moth development is the larvae. Looking like little worms, you may find the larvae eating their way through your stored foods, especially dry and milled foods, like flour, cornmeal, pastas spices or dry pet foods and bird seed.

To get rid of Indian Meal Moths completely, you will need to hunt down the source of the infestation and completely remove the larvae as well as any unhatched eggs. This can be difficult, but with People’s Pest Control you don’t have to worry. We’ll find your infestation, exterminate the bugs, and make sure they never come back.

If you’ve found Indian Meal Moths or any other type of bug in your home, don’t wait for the infestation to grow. Contact People’s Pest Control for your free estimate. We’ll get you taken care of in no time!

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