Worst Commercial Pest Infestations To Deal With

When you think of pest control, you may first think of residential spaces — such as homes, apartment units, and condos — in need of these types of services. However, commercial spaces are actually at a greater risk of pest problems and have much more to lose if a commercial pest infestation does occur.

In fact, just this past year, pests accounted for a net loss of over 25% in profits for the restaurant industry in the United States alone. Luckily, most business owners are aware of the risks pest infestations pose, but most either don’t have the budget to address these concerns or use an inadequate pest control method to either prevent or eliminate a particular pest problem.

This is why it’s so important to have the right pest control professional — like People’s Pest Control — who has experience managing and eliminating commercial pest infestations. At People’s Pest Control, our expert pest technicians, in combination with our innovative pest control techniques, allow us to handle a wide range of pests for commercial properties throughout metro Atlanta.

With that said, it’s important to know just what pests are the most likely to infest your commercial property — whether it be a business (such as a restaurant or retail space) or a manufacturing plant — along with the damage these pests can do in these environments.

By knowing exactly what pests can be a threat, you’ll be able to effectively put the necessary precautions in place in order to defend your property from pests, preventing an infestation and a significant loss in profits.

Common Commercial Pest Infestation: Rodents

For most businesses and commercial spaces — such as manufacturing facilities — that deal with food, rodents are a year-long potential problem.

Not only can the appearance of rodents send customers fleeing in droves, but a rodent infestation can lead to contaminated food supplies; costing you hundreds (maybe even thousands) in lost revenue. This is why it’s so important to work with the right pest control professional in Atlanta, in order to prevent rodents from ever being a problem in your commercial property.

Here are some of the warning signs to look for when it comes to a potential rodent infestation:

Rodent Droppings – 

When you have a rodent infestation on your hands, one of the first signs you’ll begin to notice is the appearance of droppings (or fecal matter) in commercial kitchens, food storage rooms, and pantries.

These droppings — which can carry a myriad of nasty diseases — can also be found along the walls of your property, inside boxes and bags, atop beams or wall studs, and anywhere near food.

Gnaw Marks – 

Rodents are notorious for gnawing at anything from furniture to food containers. They do this while looking for anything consumable in the property they are infesting, which is why you should keep an eye out for gnaw marks throughout your commercial property.

Nests And Burrows –

Once inside your property, rodents will nest in a wide range of materials — including insulation — and are particularly fond of darker, more secluded areas of your property.

This is why you should pay close attention for burrows or nests in the areas of your property that receive the least amount of activity, such as your basement or storage closets.

Common Commercial Pest Infestation: Flies

If your commercial property is dealing with a fly infestation, this could actually indicate much larger problems, as issues with flies typically mean sanitation needs are not being met, which can leave you susceptible to even more pests.

Known as lightning quick breeders, flies are most fond of restaurants and food manufacturing plants, where they are most of a health risk. When dealing with a fly infestation, a key part in fly control is ramping up sanitation efforts, which can be assisted with by a pest control company, like People’s Pest Control.

Here are just a few of the signs that you’re dealing with a full-on fly infestation, and the risks an infestation can pose commercial spaces:

Signs And Dangers Of A Fly Infestation – 

It’s important to understand the difference between a fly infestation and simply the presence of a lone fly who may have wandered in from the outdoors.

For example, if you’re experiencing a fly infestation, you will typically see a large cluster of these pests around spilled sweets and clogged drains (which can be massive breeding grounds for these pests).  You may also begin to notice maggots or fly larvae throughout your property, especially in food that has been left out and (in some cases) among your trash.

For restaurants, flies can be a huge concern, as they not only lead to poor reviews and a loss of customers but can also lead to a contamination of your food, which can lead to illnesses for your diner’s and — in some cases — could be grounds for a lawsuit.

Common Commercial Pest Infestations: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for decades, and have really picked up in parts of the United States, where they wreak havoc on the hospitality industry.

The worst part about a bed bug infestation is the fact that it shows no bias toward the property it decides to affect; even the cleanest of motels, hotels, or resorts are liable for a bed bug infestation.

Not to mention, you run the risk of guests bringing an infestation home with them, which can cause major problems and will most definitely lead to poor reviews and lost customers in the process. In fact, many businesses in the hospitality industry have been forced to close their doors due to bed bugs; even when the problem has been eradicated.

Here are a few of the signs that your commercial property is dealing with a bed bug infestation:

The Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation –

While you can carry out a bed bug infestation yourself, or through members of your staff, it’s recommended that you hire a bed bug control professional — who knows exactly what to look for — in order to perform a thorough inspection.

Because of a bed bug’s minuscule size, these parasites are difficult to spot, which is why a trained professional is so valuable. After all, if your property does have a bed bug infestation, time is of the essence as these pests can get out of hand quickly; making them next to impossible to eliminate.

With that said, there are some common indicators of a bed bug infestation that you should be looking for on a regular basis. These include reddish-brown stains — which are actually the bed bug’s skin that has recently been shed — and fecal matter on hotel room beds and sheets.

One of the biggest signs of a bed bug infestation, however, is welts or red marks on hotel guest’s skin.

Finding Effective Commercial Pest Control Services In Atlanta

Now that you’re aware of some of the most common commercial pest infestations, it’s time to get the right pest control company on your side.

At People’s Pest Control, we’ve been assisting Atlanta businesses and manufacturing plants for years in eliminating and preventing a wide range of pests, and can effectively eradicate any commercial pest problem you may have using our innovative and advanced techniques.

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